Prototyping Gustav Metzger’s Dome(s) on Extinction: One-Person Gestures Class and Workshop

This project, headed by Gabriel Kahan, actively involves the community in one of legendary artist Gustav Metzger’s recent proposals regarding the construction and long-term activation of spaces for social change. The project specifically concerns the design of a temporary dome planned for Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo, an art museum in Mexico City, intended to address the theme of extinction and provide a venue for engaging and educating the public about existential risks related to the environment, climate change, biodiversity, consciousness, art, science, technology, food, and the future, among others.

Participants: Lecturer Gabriel Kahan; Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo; Ursula August, Gedney Barclay; Hamed Bukhamseen; Pak Kin Chan; Jinhui Huang; Kyung Sik Kim; Tsz Wai Alan Kwan; Jongwan Kwon; Kyeo Re Lee; Michael S. Lee; Hui Li; Tengjia Liu

Photo captions:
1- Rena Yang. Student group project presentation during workshop. 2014.
2- Rena Yang. Student group project model. 2014
3- Rena Yang. Student group project model. 2014.
4- Rena Yang. Student group project model. 2014.