Resonating MIT

A semester-long interdisciplinary collaboration between ACT, the Music Department, and the MIT Center for Art, Culture, and Technology, headed by Gediminas Urbonas, that deployed sonic interventions to amplify unexplored spatial atmospheres on MIT’s historic campus. A series of performances, installations, and a mobile-ready website provided gateways to critical spatial inquiries using sound from the past, present, and the speculative future of the Institute. Engaging artistic, architectural, sonic engineering, and research practices, this project proposed that listening and resonating are unique methods for understanding space and place, using art as a catalyzer to amplify transdisciplinary exchange. The project ended with a week of extra-ocular, sensorial exploration featuring new works produced by MIT students from the Spring 2014 class 4.373 Sound Installations and Sonic Interventions and the works of CAST visiting artists Stephen Vitiello and Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner, as well as compositions by students from the class 21M.351 Music Composition performed by the avant-garde visiting artist ensemble Either/Or.

Participants: CAST, Associate Professor Gediminas Urbonas, Associate Professor of Music Keeril Makan, visiting artists Scanner and Vitiello, ACT Affiliate Neil Leonard, Nisa Ari, Grant E. Falkenburg, Sara D. Goheen, Carolina D. Lopez-Trevino, Christopher Landrum Martin, Longrui Peng, and students in 21M.351

Photo Captions:
1- Andy Ryan. Scanner and Stephen Vitiello presenting, 2014.
2- Carolina D. Lopez-Trevino and Nisa Ari. Photograph by Andy Ryan. Student installation, 2014.
3- Andy Ryan. Student recording, 2014.
4- Andy Ryan. Students in the Green Building radome, 2014.
5- Andy Ryan. Either Or, 2014.