Ruta Remake: Nam June Paik Award 2012

Ruta Remake is a device that explores the symbolic relationship between women and the State by considering women's voices as expressions of the psychological impact of the Cold War over several generations. Developed in a post- Soviet context, the project studies the cinematic construction of the female "victim" identity and its inscription into the lives of individual women and entire nations. Drawing on psychiatry, Ruta Remake reveals the particular construction and articulation of women's voices in popular culture and develops its own archival strategies in order to narrate experiences and attitudes that differ radically from common media portrayals. Through research and interviews with female intellectuals, Ruta Remake have gathered a voice archive of media samples that reflect the social construction and metaphysical qualities of women's voices. A MIDI interface allows visitors to navigate between the sets of acoustic samples, while simultaneously becoming performers whose action weaves the patterns of a changing sound fabric.