Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Building Technology Stream

Architecture major studies aim to develop an understanding of a variety of disciplines, including architectural design; the arts; building technology; computation; and the history, theory, and criticism of architecture, art and design.

Building Technology includes teaching and applications of the fundamentals of technology as well as research in technology for the next generation of buildings. Topics include building structures, materials, industrialized building systems, appropriate technology for developing countries, sustainable design, indoor air quality, daylighting, building ventilation, heating and cooling systems, energy use and material flows in urban areas, and development of computational methods for research and design through visualization of building performance in its many aspects.

BSA: Major in BT


Year 1

  • Freshman Seminar in Architecture (Fall)
  • 4.111* Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design (HASS-A) (Spring)

Year 2

  • 4.112 Architecture Design Fundamentals 1 (Fall)
  • 4.401 Introduction to Architecture Building Systems (Fall)
  • 4.500 Introduction to Design Computing (Fall)
  • 4.302 Foundation in the Visual Arts & Design (CI-M) (Spring)
  • 4.440 Building Structural Systems I (may fulfill REST requirement for GIR) (Spring)

Year 3

  • 4.411 D-Lab Schools: Building Technology Lab (may fulfill Lab requirement for GIR) (Fall)
  • 4.605 A Global History of Architecture (HASS-A) (Spring)
  • Two 4.xx elective BT subjects
  • Elective in any of the other four discipline areas in the Department

Year 4

  • 4.THT Thesis Research Design Seminar (CI-M) (Fall)
  • Two 4.4xx elective BT subjects
  • 4.THU Undergraduate Thesis (Spring)

  • * 4.111 is offered in the spring term and often taken as a freshman exploratory class. IAP class 4.11A may be substituted if a student is unable to take 4.111.