Leslie Robertson and SawTeen See

The Edward and Mary Allen in Structural Design

Leslie E. Robertson and SawTeen See, a husband and wife team of 35 years, will share some of the highlights of their collaborations with architects in the design of museums, pedestrian bridges, convention centers, and some of the world’s tallest buildings. 

Discussion will include some thoughts on architect/engineer communications, projects such as the Miho Museum and Bridge in Shiga-raki, Japan, the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, the AIG pedestrian bridge in Hong Kong, the San Jose Convention Center, the AT&T World Headquarters, NY (now the SONY building), the Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong, the Shanghai World Financial Center, the Lotte World Tower in Seoul (the 5th tallest in the world), and innovations for some super high-rises of the future. 

Leslie Robertson and SawTeen See

Leslie E. Robertson Associates (LERA)

An internationally acclaimed structural engineer, Dr. Leslie E. Robertson has spent his six-decade engineering career transforming urban and rural landscapes through innovative design. Dr. Robertson joined the firm in 1958, when it was known as Worthington-Skilling. Starting out as a young engineer, he rose through the ranks to become a partner, and eventually led the firm into its latest chapter as Leslie E. Robertson Associates, R.L.L.P. He resigned as partner in 1994, but remained a key player on design teams until his departure from the firm in 2013.  Dr. Robertson continues consulting through his own firm Leslie Earl Robertson, Structural Engineer, LLC.  As a leader, he instilled the values that he upheld in his own work: approaching engineering challenges with imagination and responsibility. Over his storied career, Dr. Robertson cultivated many groundbreaking innovations in the structural design and construction of tall buildings.

SawTeen See is LERA's Managing Partner, responsible for the daily business operations and the management of the practice. Following her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in engineering from Cornell University, she joined the firm in 1978, was promoted to Partner in 1986 and has been the Managing Partner since 1991. Ms. See has extensive experience in the structural design of the full spectrum of building types. See led the design of many projects for the firm, including the KL118 Tower in Kuala Lumpur, the Lotte World Tower in Seoul and numerous hotels, museums, office buildings, educational buildings, and bridges around the world.

See has received numerous awards, including the Asian Women in Business Leadership Award, the Professional Achievement Award for Professional Women in Construction, and the New York Association of Consulting Engineers' Award for Dedicated Service. She was a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences and is a Distinguished Member and Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers.