Holly Samuelson

Towards More Effective Building Energy Simulation

Energy simulation may be a key to unlocking the energy conservation potential of new and existing buildings.  However, a number of barriers hinder the efficacy of this tool.  This talk highlights research aimed at chipping away these barriers.  Solutions range from improving its integration into an early design workflow to unearthing and improving sources of model inaccuracy, such as occupant behavior and urban context.

Holly Samuelson

Assistant Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Holly W. Samuelson is an Assistant Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.  She teaches technical courses in architecture, specializing in the energy and environmental performance of buildings. Dr. Samuelson's research focuses on improving energy conservation and health by leveraging cutting-edge applications of computerized simulation of buildings. She came to this field as a licensed architect with almost a decade of professional experience, and she uses her knowledge of the building industry to find solutions that bridge the gap between academia and practice.