Original research to improve the sustainability of the built environment and the health of its inhabitants is the cornerstone of our program. Each student admitted to one of our four degree programs (PhD, SMBT, SMArchS and BSA) is expected to take part in one or several research projects. These projects are usually focused on a subject under current investigation by an interdepartmental team of faculty and students or by an individual faculty member. Less frequently, research projects are also initiated and executed by students.

Written accounts of a research project, such as scientific articles, are typically used by students to fulfill the thesis requirement for their degree. Most of our ongoing research projects are externally funded and the overwhelming majority of admitted students receive financial support via either research and teaching assistantships or external scholarships to cover their tuition and some living expenses. We believe that sponsored research gives students important exposure to practitioners and other international scholars working in their field of interest and prepares them for leadership positions in industry or academia.

Current and former members of the Building Technology Program have completed hundreds of publications, reports and building performance tools some of which can be found here.

To get a sense of very recent or ongoing work, consult the personal or lab web sites of our faculty.