Paul Crowther

Corporeal Structure and Architectural Cognition: A Re-Phenomenology

I describe knowledge of self and the objective world are mutually correlated. You can’t have the one sort of knowledge without the other. The inner (mental and affective) spaces of the self and its external spatial involvements are mutually tied to one another. This is human corporeal structure I suggest further that there is a kinship of corporeal structure between the embodied subject and architecture. Like the embodied subject, architecture involves a physical unity of exterior and inner-space in real time. But the ways in which it differs from the human version of this unity makes architecture special. The aesthetic perception of architecture plays-off against our customary ways of perceiving self and world in positive ways that compensate for unfulfillable human yearnings . I finally consider how architectural cognition relates to the new technologies.

Paul Crowther

Chair of Philosophy, National University of Ireland, Galway

Paul Crowther is Professor of Philosophy at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He specializes in philosophy of the visual arts, aesthetics, Kant, and logic and metaphysics in the Hegelian tradition.

His recent books include The Phenomenology of Modern Art: Exploding Deleuze, Illuminating Style (Continuum,2012); The Kantian Aesthetic: From Knowledge to the Avant-Garde (Oxford University Press, 2010) and Phenomenology of the Visual Arts – even the frame (Stanford University Press, 2009). Another book by him – Phenomenologies of Art and Vision: A Post-Analytic Turn will be published by Bloomsbury later this year.

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