Inés Ariza selected as 2016 Quarra Matter Fellow

Matter Design and Quarra Stone have announced this week that Inés Ariza of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Shan Sutherland of the University of Michigan have been selected as the 2016 QuarraMatter Fellows. 

Inés Ariza is an architect from Buenos Aires currently pursuing a Master of Science in Design and Computation at MIT. Inés received her Diploma in Architecture with honors from Universidad de Buenos Aires in 2011. In 2014, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to research the application of computational design to construction. Through her current thesis work, Inés is developing digital workflows for fabrication and assembly-based construction details, merging her previous research on robotic assembly and ruled-based discretization algorithms for precast concrete structures. Prior to coming to MIT, she practiced as an architect in Argentina, with particular involvement in the detail design and construction phases. Alongside her professional practice, Inés taught Morphology and Geometric Representation at Universidad de Buenos Aires, served as a teaching assistant for design and fabrication courses (Un-flat Inevitabilities Integrated Form and Structure in the age of Simulation and Composites; How To Make (Almost) Anything) and as a shop monitor at the MIT Architecture Shops.

Shan Sutherland has an Master of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing From the Cranbrook Academy of Art and a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan where his thesis work explored the use of 3 and 6 axis CNC machines to create resin and clay bonded sand molds for architectural metal casting. Shan is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Digital Technologies at the University of Michigan where his capstone work explores alternative material strategies for precast concrete molds as part of an ongoing collaboration between the UofM MSDT program, Kerkstra Precast Inc., and the Precast Concrete Institute. He has studied and worked in a wide range of traditional and industrial crafts and continues to apply traditional technique and tacit knowledge to digital design and fabrication.

The QuarraMatter Partnership

The mission of the QuarraMatter Partnership is to advance digital agendas in the material stone. This Industry-Academy partnership operates through an annual fellowship where researchers will engage and prototype in response to a series of established areas of potential advancement with regard to the processing of stone employing digital and computational models. The intention of this research is to build processes that improve accuracy and reduce the gap between drawing and making. Quarra Stone has vast resources dedicated to complex carving of stone, and Matter Design has an interest in engaging this resource and shoring it with computational intelligence. Both parties share an interest in this symbiotic relationship and the fellows will serve to implement, document, and aid in the production, documentation, and publication of these contributions. The QuarraMatter Fellowship requests submissions annually and announces the call in January of each year.


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