Oscar Rosello (SMarchS) wins Best Poster Award at UIST 2016

Oscar Rosello, pursuing a Master degree in SMarchS Design and Computation, received Best Poster Award at the 29th ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium in October in Tokyo. The ACM Symposium (UIST) is the premiere forum for human-computer interface design and brings together research in virtual/augmented reality, multimedia, input/output devices, and graphical interfaces.

Rosello's project, entitled "NeverMind: Using Augmented Reality for Memorization," is an interface and application designed to support human memory. The project takes an existing memory method, the memory palace, as a starting point and modifies it by adding an experiential component to it. By pairing spatial navigation and visual cues, the interface biases the user’s perception to facilitate memory. In experiments, content studied with NeverMind suggest that the long-term memory recall accuracy of sequences of items is nearly tripled compared to paper-based memorization tasks. 

Research on NeverMind was completed at the MIT Media Lab in collaboration with Marc Esposito and Pattie Maes. It will serve as the basis of Rosello's SMarchS Master's thesis.