Performing Realism: Interactive Real-Time-Rendered Stereoscopic Animations for Architectural Design Process

We propose a workflow in which the designer interacts with the texture-mapped and real-time rendered 3D digital model through 3D stereoscopic vision. We eliminate conventional HCI (human-computer interaction) devices, and use Microsoft Kinect to enable a more intuitive designer-model interaction via motion and voice recognition.
Our system produces captivating stereoscopic images yet remains flexible for on-the-fly updates and modifications. Realism, as opposed to representing a framed static moment, performs as an interactive environment to work within. While navigation within the 3D virtual model happens via bodily gestures, visualization parameters, such as lighting conditions and material properties can be adjusted via spoken commands. 3D meshes in the model can be updated without an interruption in the work flow. We can create a live connection between our visualization system and BIM models if desired.