A Shotgun House for New Orleans

The Digitally Fabricated House for New Orleans was a commission from the Museum of Modern Art in 2008, to build an exhibit structure illustrating emerging technologies for home delivery. In this case digital design and manufacturing machines were used to support the concept of mass customized housing, post hurricane Katrina. It was a symbol of method of home production designed and for a common person or family matching the existing architectural fabric. The show entitled Home Delivery, exhibited a variety of projects inside and outside the museum. Galleries displayed a mockup of the Lustron house, built in the 1940s as well as models and drawings of homes built in the 1950s as innovations of the time. The show also exhibited complex abstract designs that could be fabricated digitally in the future and alternative materials for homes such as plastic and 3D printed plastic. The Digitally Fabricated House for New Orleans was one of five full-scale projects as display outside the museum on an open lot.