Space is the Now; Now is the Time!

Advisor: Prof. Terry Knight
Readers: Prof. George Stiny and Dr. Marc Wittmann

Architecture is the matter through which we domesticate the boundless spatial extent and embrace ourselves from the indefinite temporal progress of existence. “We identify ourselves with this space, this place, this moment, and these dimensions become ingredients of our very existence” (Pallasmaa 20121).   

Through architecture, not only do we mark our spatial boundaries, but we also indicate our temporal becoming and existence. However, historically, the temporality of space has only been studied through the lens of history and the temporality of the present moment and now-time is typically ignored.

This thesis is an attempt to evoke the importance of temporality of space in architectural design process. The criteria for architectural design should not only be limited to spatial features; but also, should echo the temporality of spatial features in perceptual scales such as seconds, hours and days.

To my knowledge, the temporality of spatial features within space has not been studied before. Therefore, throughout this research, I investigate different models of temporal perception, and initiate a series of pilot studies in an effort to bridge the gap between spatial features, either geometric or non-geometric, and their effects on the temporality of space.

1 Pallasmaa J. The eyes of the skin: Architecture and the senses. John Wiley & Sons; 2012 May 14.