Synthetic Natures

Synthetic Natures is an experimental installation that aims to generate an interactive ecosystem via custom utilization of subsequent spatial components. Contemporary techniques of design, computing and fabrication are employed to crystallize ever-changing spatial conditions via use of parametric versions of conventional platonic geometries and their truncated counterparts. Although limited in number, the algorithmic distribution and configuration of these parts, guided by a voxel space, help develop divergently rich micro-environments. The custom successive properties of voxels [derived from the installation space], while determining the physical conjugates of the digital information, help render a characteristic geometric configuration: clear patterns of faces, edges and volumes transform into a labyrinthine of regulation.

In this very labyrinthine some pockets function as recursive inhabitable environments. Mushrooms, fed on the byproduct of CNC machining (sawdust), bloom in strategically placed pockets. This sustainable lifecycle also reports about its local conditions via humidity and temperature sensors. As these conditions could be checked via twitter, the reverse interaction could also be achieved by tweeting color codes to the LED lights placed in every mushroom pocket.