Axel Kilian

Axel Kilian is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the MIT Department of Architecture. He previously was an Assistant Professor at Princeton University's School of Architecture and at the Delft University of Technology and a Postdoctoral Associate at the Department of Architecture. He holds a PhD in Design and Computation and a Master of Science in Architectural Studies from the Department of Architecture MIT. He was German-American Fulbright scholarship grantee and holds a professional degree in architecture from the University of the Arts Berlin.

His most recent work in architectural robotics has been exhibited at the Istanbul Design Biennale and the Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. Axel Kilian publications include the book Architectural Geometry, contributions to various books in engineering, architecture and design, and papers in conferences in computation and design. Axel Kilian has lectured worldwide on his current research themes of embodied computation, architectural robotics.


2001 - 2006
1998 - 2000
1992 - 1998
Dipl.-Ing., University of the Arts Berlin

Academic Experience

2009 - 2018
Assistant Professor, Princeton University
2007 - 2009
Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology
2006 - 2007
Post doctoral Associate, MIT


2018 - 2018
Bowtower, NYU Collapse Exhibition
2017 - 2017
The Flexing Room , Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism
2017 - 2017
Robotic Light Pendulum, Opening of the Lewis Center for the Arts PU
2017 - 2017
Bowtower, Are we Human exhibit SOA PU
2016 - 2016
Embodied Computation in "Are we Human?", Istanbul Design Biennale 2016
2011 - 2011
Three Projects, NYU - Global Design
2008 - 2008
Digital Hanging Models, Prototypen – Bionik und der Blick auf die Natur - Max Liebermann Haus, Berlin Germany
2008 - 2008
Chair Study, international Biennial Seville, Spain
2004 - 2004
design exploration, Architecture Biennale Beijing
2004 - 2004
Museo Costantini competition, Venice Biennale