Lee Moreau

Lee Moreau is VP Design at Continuum, a design and innovation consultancy based in Boston, and a Lecturer in MIT’s D Minor program.

As an architect turned strategist, he combines a unique capacity for complex systems thinking with a deeply empathic perspective, which he uses to critically engage and re-imagine the contemporary world. Lee has led service and experience design projects for a diverse group of clients -- such as Southwest Airlines, BBVA, Staples, P&G, Chili’s and Kaiser Permanente -- that blur the boundaries between content and experience. Through research, analysis, and imagination, Lee helps Continuum’s clients understand their entanglement within their own complex set of cultural, material, and economic circumstances. 

Prior to joining Continuum, Lee was the Director of Environments at 2x4, an internationally recognized design firm, where he led projects for clients such as Novartis, Nike, Lincoln Center, and the MoMA Design Store. Previously, he worked as a designer at IDEO and at the Rockwell Group. With his partner Ana Miljački, he formed the design and research practice Project_ that has continued to create, stimulate, and agitate within the peripheries of architectural discourse since 1998. Lee received his BA from Bennington College and a Masters of Architecture from Rice University.