Nisa Ari Wins AMCA 2017 Rhonda A. Saad Prize

HTC PhD Candidate Nisa Ari, whose research explores the relationships between cultural politics and the development of art and art institutions in the Middle East, won the 2017 Rhonda A. Saad Prize for Best Paper in Modern and Contemporary Arab Art from the Association for Modern and Contemporary Art of the Arab World, Iran and Turkey.

The Committee found that Ari’s paper, “Painting After Photography: Nicola Saig, the American Colony Photo Department and the Art of the Copy in Palestine’s Early Twentieth Century Art World,“ not only expands on and compliments other studies of Modern Palestinian art (in general) and Nicola Saig (in particular), but also introduces a unique methodological framework in the study of Modern art in the Arab world.

Each year the Rhonda A. Saad Prize honors one graduate or recent post-graduate paper that has made a substantial contribution to the field of modern Middle Eastern Art History. This year, the Committee received a number of highly qualified papers from throughout the US and abroad. 

Ari is currently completing a dissertation on the development of the visual arts in Palestine during the late Ottoman period and the British Mandate.