Broadcasting Modernism | Modern Art and Mass Culture Podcasts

4.602 Modern Art and Mass Culture is an introduction to theories of modernism and postmodernism and their related forms (roughly eighteenth-century to present) in art and culture. The course focuses on how artists use the tension between fine art and mass culture to critique both and examines visual art in a range of genres, from painting to design objects and "relational aesthetics." Works of art are viewed in their interaction with advertising, caricature, television, fashion, "primitive" art, propaganda, and networks on the internet.

Broadcasting Modernism Podcasts & Scripts

Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Communication-Intensive Subjects (CI-H) require at least 20 pages of writing divided among a number of assignments, at least one of which is to be revised and resubmitted. CI-H subjects offer students substantial opportunity for oral as well as written expression, through presentations to classmates and teachers. In Spring 2018, 4.602 students were given the option to write scripts and make recordings in podcast formats.

View selected projects here:

Mati Alemayehu '19, Mathematics with Computer Science/Course 18-C
The Experience of Modernization

Alyssa Li '20, Mechanical Engineering/Course 2A
Defining Modernism through Depictions of Prostitution

Dani White '20, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science/Course 6-2
Defining Modernism: Edith Davis, Carl Miller, Paul Price

Stephanie Yuen '20, Mathematics with Computer Science/Course 18-C 
Sol Lewitt's Wall Drawing 422A Deeper Look into Modernism and Postmodernism