The Mad Sheltering On: hosting Amalia Pica's nomadic sculpture

The nomadic sculpture "I am MIT, am I am in MIT, just like a lot of other people are" by Amalia Pica will be hosted by the History, Theory and Criticism group of the Department of Architecture from March 15 through March 22. The sculpture, hand carved out of pink granite, takes the form of an echeveria plant, a species native to South America and popular in domestic environments worldwide due to its ability to thrive.

On March 15, the sculpture will be received from Hayden Library, who hosts it the week before, and transported via a procession. While in the HTC office, room 10-303, Department students and faculty are invited to reframe the sculpture's environment each weekday. So while the sculpture will not move during that time, the space around it may change.

The sculpture is at MIT as part of the List Visual Arts Center exhibition: Amalia Pica.