Roundtable Workshop 30: Disaster Resilient Design

The Disasters Roundtable of the National Academies' National Research Council and the National Academy of Environmental Design hosted a workshop, "Disaster Resilient Design," on October 26, 2010. Bringing together thought-leaders and experts in the design and disaster communities, this workshop identified ways to integrate principles of sustainability and disaster resilience in building, site, and community planning and design. Disaster resilient design embodies a broad range of ideas and specifications that can include site planning and building codes, sustainability and green design principles, pre-event plans for risk reduction and mitigation, and post-event retrofit, reconstruction, and resettlement considerations. The workshop drew upon examples from research, planning, and design studio work to address how building, site, and regional plans can mitigate exposure to risk and effects of disasters to:
-Identify areas of intersection between sustainability and disaster resilience
-Identify ways to integrate green design and disaster resilience principles in the United States and in international arenas
-Identify new models for disaster resilient design research and education
-Raise awareness, facilitate dialogue, and create collaboration among experts in the disasters and environmental design communities

AKPIA served as co-sponsor for this event.