Maroula Bacharidou

Maroula Bacharidou is a Post-Graduate teaching Fellow at MIT Department of Architecture, and a researcher at the Human-Computer Interaction Engineering Lab at MIT CSAIL where she is being mentored by Professor Stefanie Mueller. Her research focuses on rule-based computational design, interactive fabrication, and user-centered design from a computational point of view. Maroula holds a SMArchS in Design Computation from MIT, an MS in Design-Space-Culture and a Masters in Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens.She has several years of experience in architectural practice, interaction design and curatorial activity. In her graduate thesis at MIT, where she was advised by Professor Terry Knight, she introduced a framework for embedding iteration and solution exploration, two essential parts of the computational design process, into tools for interactive fabrication. Currently, she is working on computational methods for evaluating user experience and physical performance of design objects and fabrication artifacts.

Areas of Interest
Computation, Fabrication, User-Centered Design, Human-Computer Interaction 

Teaching Experience
◦ Instructor of the class “Material Interfaces for Human-Centered Design” [Spring 2019]

Co-instructor of the class “Transensational Objects: Studio on Inclusive Design” [January 2019] [MIT IAP]
Co-instructor of the undergraduate design studio “How to Design (almost) Anything” with Professor Skylar Tibbits [Fall 2018]
Instructor at NuVu Innovation School. [Summer 2017]

Workshop tutor at the Workshop “Design without a Discipline,” organized by the Design Computation group of the MIT Department of Architecture and the Adolfo Ibanez University in Santiago, Chile. [MIT IAP 2018]

Teaching Assistant for the studio “4.101: Introduction to Design Techniques and Technologies”. Instructors: Skylar Tibbits, Jeremy Jih.

[Spring 2017]
Teaching Assistant at the Department of Architecture at MIT for the class “SMArchS Thesis Preparation”. Instructors: Professorss Terry Knight, 
Takehiko Nagakura. [Fall 2016]

Teaching Assistant at the School of Architecture of the NTUA for the course: “An Aesthetic Approach to Architecture”. Instructor: Professor Panayiotis Tournikiotis. [Fall 2015]

Teaching Assistant at the School of Architecture of the NTUA for the Course “Special Subject: History of Modernity in Architecture”. 
Instructor: Professor Panayiotis Tournikiotis. [Fall 2015]

◦ MIT Post-graduate Teaching Fellowship at MIT Department of Architecture [2018]
◦ MIT Merit Fellowship for MS in Design and Computation [2017]
◦ Harold Horowitz (1951) Research Fund for the development of my project titled “Active Prototyping: A Computational Framework for Designing while Making” [2017]
◦ A. Onassis Foundation Scholarship for graduate studies at MIT [2017]
◦ A.G. Leventis Foundation Scholarship for graduate studies at MIT [2017]
◦ Gerondelis Foundation Scholarship for graduate studies at MIT [2017]
◦ William Mitchell ++ Award [2017]
◦ MIT Graduate Fellowship for SMArchS in Design and Computation [2016]
◦ Lilian Voudouri Scholarship for postgraduate studies at the NTUA [2014]
◦ Eurobank-Ergasias Award of Excellence for ranking first in my High School during matriculation exams [2007]