Minor in Architecture

Minor Advisor
Prof. Les Norford

The Architecture minor is a coherent program providing significant experience in the discipline of architecture. Students majoring outside of Course 4 whom successfully complete the minor will have architecture specified on their transcript, this giving recognition of focused work in the discipline.

To apply, download and complete the minor application form from the MIT Registrar’s website and make an appointment to meet with to the Design minor advisor listed above. 


4.021 — Design Studio: How to Design (Fall and Spring)
or 4.02A —
Design Studio: How to Design Intensive (IAP)

4.022 — Design Studio: Introduction to Design Techniques and Technologies (Spring + Fall; prerequisite 4.021)

Plus either Option 1 or Option 2

Option 1: Take 4.023 plus two subjects in any discipline area from the list of electives below

4.023 — Architecture Design Studio 1 (Fall, prerequisite 4.022)

Option 2: Take 4 subjects in any discipline area from the list of electives below

Architecture and Urbanism

4.211J — The Once and Future City
4.218 — Disaster Resilient Design
4.231 — SIGUS Workshop
4.250J — Introduction to Urban Design and Development

Art, Culture and Technology

4.301 — Introduction to Artistic Experimentation
4.302 — Foundations in Art, Design, and Spatial Practices
4.307 — Art, Architecture, and Urbanism in Dialogue
4.322 — Introduction to 3-D Art Work
4.341 — Introduction to Photography and Related Media
4.354 — Introduction to Video and Related Media
4.368 — Studio Seminar in Art and the Public Sphere 

Building Technology

4.401 — Environmental Technologies in Buildings
4.411J — D-Lab Schools: Building Technology Laboratory
4.432 — Modeling Urban Energy Flows for Sustainable Cities and Neighborhoods
4.440J — Introduction to Structural Design
4.451 — Computational Structural Design and Optimization


4.500 — Design Computation: Art, Objects and Space
4.501 — Design and Fabrication of Tiny Homes
4.502 — Advanced Visualization: Architecture in Motion Graphics
4.520 — Visual Computing 

History and Theory of Architecture and Art

4.601 — Introduction to Art History
4.602 — Modern Art and Mass Culture
4.603 — Understanding Modern Architecture
4.605 — A Global History of Architecture
4.609 — Seminar in the History of Art and Architecture
4.614 — Building Islam
4.635 — Early Modern Architecture and Art
4.636 — Topics in European Medieval Architecture and Art
4.651 — Art Since 1940
4.657 — Design: The History of Making Things

Total for Minor in Architecture: 5-6 Subjects