2019 Department Research and Travel Awards

Please join us in congratulating the following students who were selected by the Department of Architecture faculty this spring for the following competitive awards, fellowships, internships, and scholarships. Awards and prizes are given at the end of each academic year in recognition of outstanding scholarship and promise. Read more about each of the awards.

Rabb Family Fund Award
Huma Gupta, PhD HTC AKPIA ’19, for her dissertation, Informal Dwelling and the Formation of Modern Iraq

KPF Traveling Fellowship, Honorable Mention
Taeseop Shin, MArch ’20

The Marvin E. Goody Award
Alexander Beaudoin-Mackay, MArch ’20, and Sarah Wagner, MArch ’20, for their joint thesis proposal, Fabricating Play

The Julian Beinart Research Award
Melissa Gutiérrez Soto, SMArchS AU ’20, for her research proposal, Migration Patterns and Mexican Borders

Louis C. Rosenberg (1913) Travel Fellowship
Michael Stradley, SMArchS AD ’20, for his research proposal, De Stijl

Schlossman Research Award
- Elizabeth Saari Brown, PhD in HTC ’20, for her proposal, Sculpting le gout pittoresque: Clodion’s Bacchic Subjects in French Private Residences- 
- eldante' c winston, PhD in HTC ’20, for his proposal, Violence and Italian Renaissance Architecture

Ann Beha Travel Award
Alexander Beaudoin-Mackay, MArch ’20, and Sarah Wagner, MArch ’20, for their joint proposal, The Design of Play

Aga Khan Travel Grant Winners
- Rachel Hirsch, SMArchS AKPIA, for her research, Surface Archaeology, in Burhanpur, India
- Semine Long-Callesen, SMArchS HTC, for archival field work in Malaysia and Singapore
- Daniella Maamari, SMArchS AKPIA, for her proposal La Belle Vie: Revisiting the Lebanese Architecture of Pleasure
- Ayesha Shaikh, SMArchS AKPIA, for her proposal Visualizing German Orientalism: Berlin, Postdam, Darmstadt, and Hamburg, and Hans Belting’s Baghdad

NuVu Prize
- Carlos Casalduc Rivera, MArch ’20, Examining the Embedded Histories of Architecture as They Pertain to Their Material Decay and Weathering
Isadora Dannin, MArch ’21, and Stratton Coffman, M.Arch ’20, A Passionate Concern: A Performance of Un-wearables
- Nare Filiposyan, MArch ’22, A Megalithic Site in Sisian, Armenia
- Melissa Gutiérrez Soto, SMArchS AU ’20, Migration Patterns and Mexican Borders
- Ruth Blair Moyers, MArch ’22, Objects Not to Scale
Nof Nathansohn, SMArchS Comp ’20, The Assembly of a Temporary Home: Digital Fabrication Methods for the Bedouin Community in the Israeli Desert
- Jung In Seo, MArch ’20, Exploration of Material, and the Resulting Formal, Spatial Conditions Created by a Series of Mechanic Behaviors
- Gil Sunshine, MArch ’22, Intentional “Misuse” of Material

MIT Summer Intern at Takenaka Corporation in Osaka, Japan
Arditha Auriyane, MArch ’21

Tony Tappe Scholarship for the Architecture Summer Session at Fontainebleau Schools in France
Ellen Wood, MArch ’22


Special thanks to the following for their participation in the selection process: Brandon Clifford, Herbert Einstein, Mariana Ibañez, Admir Masic, Ana Miljački, Les Norford, Liam O’Brien, Paul Pettigrew, Christoph Reinhart, Brent Ryan, Larry Sass, Andrew Scott, Rafi Segal, and Kristel Smentek.