2020 Awards, fellowships, and prizes

Please join us in congratulating this year's recipients of awards, fellowships, and prizes!

The William Emerson Prize, awarded to a graduating architecture senior for academic excellence.
Effie Jia BSAD ’20

The Henry Wentworth Gardner (1894) Prize for academic excellence and achievement in design. 
Michelle Menkiti BSA ’20
Caroline Rosenzweig BSA ’20 

The Tucker-Voss Award was established in memory of Professors Ross F. Tucker and Walter C. Voss, the first two heads of the Department of Building Construction (Course 17), which merged with the Departments of Architecture and Civil and Environmental Engineering in the 1950s. Each year the Tucker-Voss Award is given to a student on the basis on academic standing, leadership and promise in the field of building construction.
Paul Mayencourt PhD in Building Technology ’20

Kristen Ellen Finnegan Memorial Fund Award. 
This is an award to help an outstanding third-year female PhD student in History, Theory, and Criticism establish and enhance her research library. 
Chelsea Spencer PhD HTC ’22
Indrani Saha PHD HTC ’22

Sydney B. Karofsky Class of 1937 Prize is awarded to an outstanding MArch student with one further year of study.
Taylor Boes MArch ’22

The Marjorie Pierce/Dean William Emerson Fellowship Award, is a full tuition fellowship for a second-year MArch woman for outstanding academic and design achievement. The award honors Dean William Emerson, the first dean of MIT’s School of Architecture, and Marjorie Pierce who graduated from MIT with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 1922 and a Master’s degree in Architecture from Architecture the following year. 
Ginevra D’Agostino MArch ’22

The Rosemary Grimshaw Award is presented to the MArch student whose thesis proposal best exemplifies the spirit of Professor Grimshaw, a remarkable woman who taught and served as a thesis advisor until 1994.The Grimshaw Award thesis proposal must draw upon disciplines other than architecture, the body of work must have its own intrinsic merit, and the thesis must have real world relevance and application. The award is intended to help fund the costs of producing a thesis.
Adiel Benitez MArch ’21  

Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal is presented to a graduating MArch student for service, leadership and promise of professional merit. Alpha Rho Chi is the national fraternity for professional architects, and today’s winner will receive an engraved bronze medal.
Angeline Jacques MArch ’20

Special Faculty Recognition for Design Excellence 
Dalma Foldesi MArch ’20

Special Faculty Recognition for Academic Excellence
Trevor Herman Hilker MArch ’20
Sarah Wagner MArch ’20

Course 4 Thesis Recognition is given to a graduating MArch student in recognition of an exemplary thesis which advances the disciplinary discourse within the Department of Architecture.
Taesop Shin MArch ’20 and Stephan Hernandez MArch ’20 for their joint thesis, Making Kin: Landscape, Material and Senses

The Arthur Rotch Prize recognizes achievement in architectural design. 
Marlena Fauer MArch ’20

The Imre Halasz Thesis Prize acknowledges academic excellence as represented in a MArch thesis in which the design recognizes the expanding responsibility of architecture 
Stratton Coffman MArch ’20, for his thesis, Bagging

The American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Medal and Certificate of Merit for the top ranking graduating MArch student. 
Stratton Coffman MArch ’20 

TheMaster of Science in Architecture Studies Thesis Prize is awarded to the student or students nominated by the faculty for outstanding thesis work, based on the final thesis book. This year there are three recipients.
Nof Nathansohn SMArchS Computation ’20 for her thesis, Digital Nomads: Space+Narrative Computing of the village of Al Araqib
Rachel Hirsch SMArchS HTC ’20 for her thesis, Building Mughar Burhanpur   
Maria Estaban Casanas SMArchS Architectural Design ’20 for her thesis, ARTIFICIAL PERCEPTIONS: Biases, Fictionalities, and Signifiers

The Arthur Rotch Special Prize is a prize given to a graduating Master of Science in Architecture Studies Student for overall academic achievement in classwork and thesis, and who has demonstrated excellence in more than one field. 
Jim Peraino dual degrees SMArchS Computation and SM in EECS ’20

The Julian Beinart Research Award:
Luis Alberto Meouchi Velez SMArchS AU ’20 

Louis C. Rosenberg (1913) Travel Fellowship:
Adiel Benitez MArch ’21

Schlossman Research Award:
Xiomara Alvarez MArch + MCP ’21
Aidan Flynn SMArchS HTC ’21

NuVu Prize:
Dries Carmeliet SMArchS A+U ’21, How the urbanization of densely populated areas with transform through the energy transition
Ginevra D’Agostino MArch ’22, A Research Center in the Countryside
Kailin Jones MArch ’21, on behalf of Group Project, a student-led initiative started at MIT, research on site in NC to produce a manual to instruct members/volunteers of Growing Change to proceed with construction
Mohamad Nahle SMArchS AD ’21, “Ah! Poor Ishmaelites, your sins are many!”
Elina Oikonomaki SMArchS Comp ’21, Computing with Informality: The Design of Algorithmic Mapping through Listening
Lynced Torres MArch ’21, Mycelium Mexicanus
Marisa Waddle MArch ’21, Impaired and In-between
Zhicheng Xu MArch ’22 and Mengqi He SMArchS A+U ’20, Reciprocal Frame with Recycled Wood: Reinvigorating historical novelty with contemporary design-build


Non-department prizes

2020 Fulbright Fellowship
Kedi Hu ’20 (BSAD), for her research grant, Hu will develop biodegradable electrospun membranes for air filtration applications at Tsinghua University in China. 

Enterprise Poets Prize for Imagining a Future (CMS)
1st Prize: Rae Yuping Hsu SMACT ’20, “In Between Empathy and Wonder Lies the Contamination that Makes Us Human”
2nd place (tie): Nancy Valladares SMACT ’20, “A Dedicated Mechanism for Forgetting (Master Letters)” and Rona Wang ’20, “Imitation Game”

Laya and Jerome B. Wiesner Student Art Awards:
Olivia Yao, ’20 Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design

The Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Prize in the Visual Arts: 
Second Prize: Rae Yuping Hsu, SMACT ’20


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