Announcing "out of frame"

MIT Architecture students have launched a new student-edited platform supported by the department. Read a letter from out of frame co-editors April Gao and Ginevra D’Agostino:

Dear community,

Digital communication has revealed the potential of bridging across time and space to connect us. The current crisis has forced us to be apart, and though we’ve tried our best to adapt with our digital tools, it has become increasingly apparent how much of uncurated daily life gets excluded by these same means.

out of frame was conceived to enable sharing from a distance, to defy geographical barriers whilst fostering community. We are interested in elevating what is hidden in our everyday life, academic or not. Topics span from untold (hi)stories to forgotten places, from things we misunderstand to unseen processes. out of frame is a student-edited platform for all things untold, unseen and forgotten.

Current columnists discuss queerness, automation, food and culture, the landscapes where we come from, among other themes. We welcome you to enjoy the work, connect with out of frame contributors, and join the conversation. 

With love and optimism,
April Gao and Ginevra D’Agostino (founding co-editors)

This letter was originally published July 20, 2020 by April Gao and Ginevra D’Agostino for out of frame.

Photo credit: April Gao