Archinect features M.Arch Class of 2020 Thesis Projects

As a part of it’s Spotlight on 2020 Thesis Projects, Architect has featured the thesis projects of Angeline Jacques, Alexandre Beaudouin-Mackay + Sarah Wagner, and Kevin Marblestone + Emily Whitbeck from the M.Arch class of 2020.

Angeline Jacques Designs a New Conceptual Framework for Glacier National Park
“Angeline Jacques focuses her thesis project, Mission 2066, on the state of National Parks, specifically Glacier National Park in Montana, and how our perceptions and interventions within these parks might change for the future.”
Article posted on Archinect on August 13.

 Alexandre Beaudouin-Mackay & Sarah Wagner Inject"A New Way of Play" Into Architectural Pedagogy
“Alexandre Beaudouin-Mackay & Sarah Wagner take architectural pedagogy in a direction driven by play. According to the duo,"by understanding play as a powerful methodology, architects can engage others in creative processes with the ambition of implementing new, meaningful, and imaginative design strategies. Play is not aimless but productive..."”
Article posted on Archinect on July 20. 

Kevin Marblestone and Emily Whitbeck Investigate Architecture Pedagogy's Relationship to Time

“Kevin Marblestone and Emily Whitbeck engage with architectural pedagogy by exploring time and it's relation to the design process. According to the duo,"Architecture needs a new generation of practitioners that can think differently about time."”
Article posted on Archinect on July 13.