Architecture Faculty Discuss Energy Transition Through Aesthetics and Culture

Professors Rania Ghosn and Caroline Jones joined Professor Rosalind Williams of the MIT Program on Science, Technology, and Society in responding to speaker Imre Szeman, a professor of communication and culture at the University of Waterloo.

“We moderns still tend to take energy as a largely neutral aspect of social life,” Szeman said. “But the forms of energy we use, and how we use them, shape society through and through.”

Faculty host Rania Ghosn, an assistant professor of architecture and urbanism, heralded Szeman’s talk as a different kind of conversation about energy. She was “delighted,” she said, to host an event between MITEI and the School of Architecture and Planning that went “beyond the excellent scientific and engineering research to engage methods and insights from the humanities, aesthetics, and design in conversations on energy and energy transitions.”

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