Faculty and Alumni participate in ACADIA Conference

A number of alumni and faculty are participating in the annual Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) Conference, October 24-28, 2016. This year’s theme “Posthuman Frontiers: Data, Designers and Cognitive Machines” aims to discuss work at the intersection of procedural design, designed environments, and autonomous machines.

Professor and Department Head J. Meejin Yoon will receive the ACADIA 2016 Teaching Award of Excellence and deliver a keynote lecture on October 28.

Assistant Professor Brandon Clifford will lead the Floating Megalith Workshop, from October 24-26. This workshop seeks to master the calibration of form, mass, and buoyancy to perform megalithic action in water; in turn, exercising the designer’s ability to resolve complex relationships via physics. While this workshop does not advocate architects should become naval engineers, it seeks to exercise this reciprocity in order to better bridge the gap between the virtual and physical world in order to better construct our future. Clifford will also participate in “Fabricated” Panel Discussion with Matt Jezyk, Dave Pigram and Lauren Vasey which will mark the close of the 2016 ACADIA Workshops and launch the conference. Clifford’s work, Microtherme, Round Room, and the McKnelly Megalith will be part of the ACADIA exhibition, and he will present the McKnelly Megalith. The Megalith was designed and fabricated in the Spring 2015 Megalithic Robotics studio co-taught by Clifford and Mark Jarzombek. 

Alumni participating in the 2016 Conference include:

Simon Schleicher (M.Arch 2009) will present “Bending-Active Plates: Form-Finding and Form-Conversion” as part of the Programmable Matter: Active Form Session.

Kyle Steinfeld (M.Arch 2004) is the Session Chair for Procedural Design: Machine Learning & Evaluation and will present “Ivy: Bringing a Weighted-Mesh Representation to Bear on Generative Architectural Design Applications” as part of the Procedural Design: Data Driven Design Session.

Duks Koschitz (PhD Computation 2014) will present "Beetle Blocks: A New Visual Language for Designers and Makers” as part of the Procedural Design: Data Driven Design Session.

Diego Pinochet (SMArchS Computation 2015) will present "Antithetical Colloquy: From Operation to Interaction in Digital Fabrication in Posthuman Engagements” as part of the Posthuman Engagements: Interactions Session.

Matthew A. Trimble’s (M.Arch 2008) work "Screen Walls / Deep Variation as a Platform for Constructed Speciation will be exhibited.