Fall 2020 Cinema and Architectural Imagination Film Series

Curated by Eliyahu Keller
Assistant: James Vincent Brice

Never mere settings, the spaces in which cinematic stories take place have the capacity to invoke, represent, convey, and reinforce narratives. As spaces and landscapes intertwine with stories and actors, they make the tales of the world we know visible, and those of worlds we can only imagine possible and real.

The “Cinema and Architectural Imagination Film Series” is a student-led series of film screenings and conversations about the various ways in which the imagination of the built environment, architecture, landscape, and urban environments is mediated through film. Throughout the semester, it will present and discuss films from various genres, periods, geographies, and cultures, and explore the power of architectural imagination within the world of moving images. Each film will be accompanied by a recorded introduction, an online screening open to members of the MIT community, and a public Zoom discussion with the presenters. The films have been made available online for members of the MIT Community with the help of the MIT Humanities Film Office (instructions for film access available here).

Please join the public virtual discussions on the following dates: 

Friday, 09/18, 6 PM
Daughters of the Dust (1991), Dir. Julie Dash. Presented by Jola Idowu
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Wednesday, 09/30, 6PM 
Brazil (1985), Dir. Terry Gilliam. Presented by Galo Canizares
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Friday, 10/16, 6 PM 
The Battle of Algiers (1966), Dir. Gillo Pontecorvo. Presented by Arindam Dutta

Friday, 10/30, 6 PM 
Babylon (1980), Dir. Franco Rosso. Presented by Rixt Woudstra

Wednesday, 11/18, 6 PM 
Black Panther (2017), Dir. Ryan Coogler. Presented by Mohammed Ismail


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Above images:
1. Screenshot from Metropolis, directed by Fritz Lang (1927)
2. Screenshot from Dr. Strangelove, directed by Stanley Kubrick (1963)
3. Sergei Eisenstein - Sequence Diagram for Aleksander Nevsky (1939)