Marvin E. Goody Award

The Marvin E. Goody Award ($5,000.00) is given each term to a student in any department at MIT who will be expected to complete his or her SM Thesis or equivalent (i.e., MArch, SMArchS, SMBT, MCP, SM, MEng) at the end of the following term.
The competition is held in December (for completion in May) and in May (for completion in February) of each year. Selection will be on the basis of the promise and subject of the thesis proposal as it relates to the aims of the Goody Award.

The aims of the award, which was established in 1983, are to extend the horizons of existing building techniques and use of materials, to encourage links between the academic world and the building industry, and to increase appreciation of the bond between good design and good building – criteria that are intended to reflect the range of Marvin Goody's interests as a teacher, researcher, and designer. To be appropriate for the Goody Award a thesis proposal must address one or more of the stated aims.

The criteria the committee will use in judging applications are:
• the promise of the thesis, in the form of evidence that the work it contains is likely to satisfy the intentions of the prize, and
• the student's record, as evidenced by letters of support and the student's statement. In the last regard, the Committee will look for evidence that the promise of the thesis will be realized.

Students who will complete Master's thesis in the semester immediately following application.

The award is administered by a committee consisting of:
• Nader Tehrani, Head, Department of Architecture
• Andrew J. Whittle, Head, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
• Andrew Scott, Professor of Architecture
• Herbert H. Einstein, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Applications consist of:
• Completed application form (also available at front desk in 7-337).
• A brief resumé of the applicant.
• A copy of the applicant's thesis proposal.
• Confidential letters of support from the thesis advisor and at least one other faculty member. These letters should make clear the specific qualities of the proposal in relation to the objectives of the Goody Award and should be submitted with the application in an envelope to be sealed by the recommender.
• A statement on the application form by the student describing the relationship of his or her proposed thesis to the aims of the Goody Award.
• A budget indicating proposed use of funds. Be specific about how the award money would facilitate the realization of the thesis.
Submission should be unbound, page numbered, and reproducible by black-and-white copier. Applicants are strongly urged to seek the advice of faculty in the formulation of their statements and applications.

Fall Term 2012
• Announcement/call for proposals: October 22, 2012
• Deadline for proposals: November 30, 2012
• Announcement of winners: December 21, 2012

Spring Term 2013
• Announcement/call for proposals: March 30, 2013
• Deadline for proposals: April 29, 2013
• Announcement of winners: May 23, 2013

Recent Winners
• Spring 2008: Edmund Ming-Yip Kwong, Architecture
• Fall 2008: James Vanzo, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Yaniv Junno Ophir, Architecture
• Spring 2009: No award given
• Fall 2009: Lara Davis, Architecture, and Rory Clune, Civil and Environmental Engineering
• Spring 2010: No award given
• Fall 2010: Maggie Nelson, Architecture, and Robert Marne Zahner, Civil and Environmental Engineering
• Spring 2011: No award given
• Fall 2011: Timothy G. Cooke, Master of Science in Architecture Studies
• Spring 2012: No award given

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