out of frame: November and December posts

Launched this Summer, out of frame is a student-edited platform supported by MIT Architecture. To learn more, read a letter from the editors.
(Un)branded Urbanism: Urbanism but Make It Branding
Laura Kim (MCP 2021) discusses dog treats, marketing campaigns, and storytelling as she narrates the connections between the worlds of urban planning and branding.
This piece is the first of the new column “(Un)branded Urbanism,” which looks at urbanism with a marketing lens. This column explores the branded and unbranded details of everyday urban life to advocate for consumers of urban space.
Published on December 2.
“The divisions between labor and leisure are, in my room, one in the same.” Aiden Flynn (SMArchS HTC 2021) reflects on the ups and downs of the“coronacoaster.” How can one room, building, environment be used to better understand personal, internal, experimentalnot necessarily academicimplications of existence?
This piece is a part of the “Short Talk On…” series. Inspired by the “short talk” poetic form developed by the classicist and author Anne Carson, this column hopes to combine Carson’s push for literary brevity and subject matter fragmentation with a deeply personal editorial subjectivity to investigate mental health, memory, and trauma in architecture.
Published on November 16.
Transience: Murphy’s Law
Casey Johnson (Art & Design (Course 4B) 2022) shares the trials and tribulations experienced through the iterative but rewarding process of designing a 3D printer.
This piece is a part of “Transience,” a new column by a design student on leave, that reflects on life through computational art and making.
Published on December 18.
Marianna Gonzalez-Cervantes (SMArchSAD 2021) discusses Puuulp, a small business started by designer Jesse Hammer, who makes unconventional pieces ranging from terrazzo coasters to striped ladders.
This piece is a part of “WIP-ish,” a series that explores the processes of making architecture that are taken up by emerging designers.
Published on December 9.