out of frame: October Posts

Launched this Summer, out of frame is a student-edited platform supported by MIT Architecture. To learn more, read a letter from the editors.
Marianna Gonzalez-Cervante (SMArchS AD 2021) discusses Full Houz, an architecture podcast by Khorshid Naderi-Azad that seeks to uncover and discuss places and spaces that are “ripe for review.” Inspired by the under-theorized “magical shallow pool typology” known as the “howz,” Khorshid is driven to find other largely untouched gems within architecture.
This piece is a part of “WIP-ish,” a series that explores the processes of making architecture that are taken up by emerging designers.
Published on October 21.

Material Futures: Grow your Own Material! 
“What if in the near future, a new generation of products is grown by microbes, instead of using materials as we find them?” Carolyn Tam (MArch 2022) explores the regenerative capacities of kombucha’s material by-products, and the way these materials can be harvested and repurposed. This article offers a recipe to grow your own bio-material through the fermentation process used in making kombucha. 
This piece is a part of “Material Future,” a series that investigates the potentials of emerging material technologies in architecture and design.
Published on October 23.
The Singapore Shophouse!: An Interpretation 
Thaddeus Lee (MArch 2022) introduces the “The Singapore Shophouse” column with a provocation of the cultural lenses through which we interpret architecture.
“The Singapore Shophouse” is brought to you by the Paul Sun Fund, which promotes the study of Asian architecture and planning by students and faculty at MIT SA+P. With Singaporean shophouses as the architectural object in question, this column explores issues of cultural translation, conservation and colonialism.
Published on October 23.
Xio Alvarez (MArch & MCP 2021) takes us on a bench tour of East Cambridge. This article explores the warmth and fragility of street furniture, and how objects are not neutral: they take on roles in enforcing social norms of use in space while representing a larger politics including economics, law enforcement, and access. 
This piece is a part of “Out of Space,” a series which explores the design-politics of public spaces - how they’re made, how they look versus how they perform, the whos hows wheres and whys of their geography.
Published on October 16.
Charlotte Matthai (MArch 22) explores the concept of the “subnatural” through the processes of aging and decay in cheesemaking. This article extends the system of valuation used in cheese to other realms of food and architecture.
This piece is a part of “The Rind,” a column that discusses the political, environmental, and cultural questions embedded within cheesemaking.
Published on October 16.
The South Our Parents Told Us About: Southern Sheep
Meriam Soltan (SMArchS AKPIA) and Mohamad Nahleh (SMArchS AD 2021) continue their series of narratives on the experiences of South Lebanon, this time through the lens of the roaming sheep through the changing landscape. “The South Our Parents Told Us About,” is a series which narrates the shared histories and experiences embodied by the architecture of South Lebanon.
Published on October 14.