On view February 14–March 6, 2020
MIT Keller Gallery, 77 Mass Ave, 7-408, Cambridge, MA

We hope that PLAY ROOM invites the youthful abandon that accompanies play, though it is, at the same time, a space of protocol. Its gaming tables follow in a long lineage of furniture that has defined the military encampment, the Victorian-era pastime, and the corporate board room. This somewhat inconspicuous stage-setter—the table—invites, levels, “civilizes”, or entraps. In PLAY ROOM, the table delivers board- and card-games, whose rules and mechanics are designed to examine a series of contemporary topics in architecture: starchitects, gentrification, and urban development; violence and the abstractions with which historical complexity is sanitized and made palatable; markets for architecture portfolio prep schools; the entangled and multifarious identity of the contemporary global subject; and experiments with collectivity and control. Come engage in these games with us. In PLAY ROOM we will contemplate their topics together through play.

FEATURING GAMES BY: Ryan Clement, Trevor Herman Hilker, Ana McIntosh, Jie Wu, Cloe Yun Wang, Daisy Ziyan Zhang, Rodrigo Escandón Cesarman, Ingrid Roede, Melissa Gutierrez Soto, Nof Nathansohn, Nitzan Zilberman, Sydney Cinalli, Stratton Coffman, Sarah Wagner, Nare Filiposyan, Katharine Kettner, Jinyoung Sim.

Join us on March 6, 2020 at 6PM, for "Play Date: Barter Town" with Janette Kim of All of the Above and CCA

Exhibition Team: Trevor Herman Hilker, Jeffrey Landman, Ana Miljacki, Jie Wu and Ana McIntosh, with thanks to Jung Seo, James Harrington, Jennifer O’Brien, Jayson Kim, and Amanda Moore.

This exhibition is supported MIT CAST, Arts at MIT, and the MIT Department of Architecture.

Free and open to the public.