Recent Graduates Named Fellows

Three students from our MArch and SMArchS program have joined the faculties at Rice School of Architecture, Knowlton School of Architecture at the Ohio State University and School of the Art Institute of Chicago:

David Costanza (MArch '13, SMBT '15) joins Rice School of Architecture as First Technology Fellow

Rice posted on their website: "We are excited to have David Costanza as our new Technology Fellow! David Costanza is a graduate of MIT’s Architecture school where he received his M. Arch. degree. In 2013, Costanza began the S. March. program at MIT, where he received a Masters of Science in Architecture. Costanza has assisted in teaching graduate option studios, graduate core studios, undergraduate studios, as well as many workshops in design and fabrication across all scales. David Costanza’s focus has been on emergent building materials and building construction through computation as a means of advancing architecture. The work is influenced by materials and tectonics as well as manufacturing and construction methods as they impact the design process.”

Carrie McKnelly (SMArchS Computation '15) joins Knowlton School of Architecture as the Howard E. LeFevre ’29 Emerging Practitioner Fellow

Carrie's fellowship provides an emerging practitioner a 9-month residency to investigate a specific project related to his/her overall development, to produce within the Fellowship period an exhibition and lecture concerning that work, and to develop their ideas in the context of teaching an architectural design studio. A wide range of topics for study will be considered, with preference to those which leverage the School’s resources in history, contemporary culture and theory; advanced techniques in the design of buildings and cities; and research in technology, media and material assemblies.

Ann Lok Lui (SMArchS HTC '15) joins School of the Art Institute as Full-Time Visiting Artist

Ann’s research at MIT focused on alternative forms of the avant-garde in the logistical protocols of postwar corporate architecture firms. This research led to her contributions to OfficeUS, the official US pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale. Both projects speculated on the interdependent relationship between architectural workspaces, both spatial and managerial, and the resulting design of the built environment. View her full profile on the SAIC website: