Angela Loescher-Montal

Angela Loescher-Montal is a fourth-year dual degree student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), currently completing her Masters of Architecture and M.S. Real Estate Development. At MIT, she is focusing her research into the mediated nature of our urban realm and the increasing privatization of public space. She is also in the process of founding a start-up called Harness the Heat with three friends as part of the MIT DesignX Incubator program, which looks at the possibilities of re-channeling sources of wasted heat to heat outdoor spaces in the winter. Prior to MIT, she completed her A.B Architecture summa cum laude at Princeton University, with a focus in Architectural Theory and Art History. Herein, her undergraduate thesis focused on the relationship between architecture and art in US corporate contexts (1950s-present). All in all, she is interested in pushing global imaginaries through research and design, and questioning ecological, social, and economic implications of our everyday life.