Jensen Johnson

SMArchS Design

Jensen Johnson is a Master of Science in Architecture Studies candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arkansas which she completed in the Spring of 2020. Her childhood experience spanning across Chicago, Atlanta, and Pine Bluff, AR has heightened her sense of place, scale, and cultural perception, leading to her pursuit of architecture and design. Jensen's research addresses and challenges the divisive and elitist nature we encounter and absorb in spaces, and how architectural design pedagogy and practice have contributed to this issue. She has previously worked for Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects, Remick Architecture and Stantec developing her professional skills as an architectural designer. Her career goals include creative directing, teaching, and architectural journalism. 

Jensen is a strong advocate of life-work balance and enjoys yoga, reading, movie nights, and live music in her free time. She's also a Capricorn with a Libra moon/Cancer rising and gets along best with those who also believe Twizzlers are the best candy.