Jeremy Bilotti


Jeremy Bilotti is a designer, computer scientist and educator whose work is focused on the intersections of product design, computation and technology. He is a lecturer in Design at MIT and founder of, a research-oriented gallery for collectible objects.

Jeremy was a research scientist for two years at MIT's Self Assembly Lab. He developed technology for the product design industry involving liquid metal 3d printing, computational simulation tools, and self-assembling structures.

Jeremy previously worked as a designer and software developer at Jenny Sabin Studio in close collaboration with A.I. research teams at Microsoft Research. He developed software and created hardware designs for Ada—an interactive pavilion driven by A.I.

Bilotti has held research appointments at the Cornell Robotic Construction Lab and the Sabin Design Lab, where he was Senior Research Associate. He has authored peer-reviewed papers in international design, technology and engineering conferences such as ACADIA (2018) and Fabricate (2020). He held a junior faculty appointment at Cornell teaching B.Arch design studios in 2018-19.

Jeremy holds dual Masters of Science from MIT in Design and Computer Science, and a B.Arch from Cornell University.