Jola Idowu

Jola Idowu is a current Master of Architecture and Master of City Planning student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and she holds a bachelor’s degree with honors from the University of Chicago in Art History and Sociology. 

Previously, she served as an editor for Thresholds 50, an academic journal published by the MIT Press, and as a teaching assistant at Harvard University. Currently, she is a research assistant for Projections 16 and 17, the MIT Journal of Urban Planning, and for the Initiative on Combatting Systematic Racism as a participatory action researcher at Camfield Estates. She also works as a teaching assistant at MIT. 

She has previously completed research on graffiti and public space in Chicago and the Obama Library. Currently, her interests revolve around the spatial preservation of coastal narratives of the Black Atlantic at the intersections of architecture, art, labor, and familial or community bonds. Her thesis is on the use and preservation of tabby concrete along the American Gulf.

Jola Idowu