The Architecture faculty represents a broad range of academic background as well as practice and research interests. Each member belongs to a discipline group according his or her expertise. There are 49 teaching members, including 14 women and 2 minority members.

The department administrative structure is organized into Headquarters staff members responsible for overall administration of the Department, and faculty and staff members who administer the individual discipline groups.

A staff work flow chart, staff schedules, and contact information can be found here:
Work Flow Chart | Staff Schedules | Staff Contact Information

A resource for faculty is available here:
Architecture Department Faculty Handbook

Graduate Admissions Coordinator/Webmaster
Degree Administrator
Financial Assistant
Network Administrator
Assistant to the Department Head
Director of Facilities
Academic Programs Manager
Fiscal Officer
Student Services Assistant
Communications Strategist
Graduate Administrator

Architecture and Urbanism

Discipline Group Assistant
Discipline Group Assistant

Art Culture and Technology

Administrative Officer
Communications and Public Programs Coordinator
Financial Assistant
Discipline Group Assistant
Media Assistant
Project Archivist

Building Technology

Discipline Group Assistant


Discipline Group Assistant

History Theory and Criticism

AKPIA Program Assistant
Discipline Group Assistant