Rise Up: Coconut Lumber Prototype House for Pacific Atolls

Rise Up is a collaboration between Metaamo and two 501(c) Non-Profits: the Mourning Dove Foundation and Living Islands. It proposes an affordable housing model that is culturally-tuned, scaleable, made of local materials, and climate-resilient, as an feasible alternative to the status quo.  The project scope involves the design of the house, as well as the total supply chain of material resources, skills, and labor, and seeks to provide resilience and flexibility through form, material, communal construction, the passing of skills and traditional ecological knowledge, and various models of finance for pre- and post-project states.

The design employs a marine pier type foundation that lifts the house to create habitable space underneath and the ability to mitigate flooding.  The house is ‘re-exploded’ into three programmatic volumes: a ‘lift house’ for sleeping / gathering / studying, a ‘cook house’ for the storage, preparation, cooking, and cleaning of food, and a ‘bath house’ for bathing, cleaning, and washing.  The house is naturally ventilated and will have electricity / fans, but no AC.  In addition to the utilization of coconut-lumber and marine lashing, the design incorporates a traditional coral masonry system, passive flood control, shading and thermal control, salt-spray protected gardens, and a self-composting toilet.