Spring 2014

Semester Start Date: 
Monday, January 27, 2014

The Johannesburg Salon

“Claiming the Future of the Past: Kiluanji Kia Henda’s Vision of Luanda’s Monuments,” in The Johannesburg Salon, Achille Mbembe and Megan Jones, eds. (The Johannesburg Workshop of History and Criticism: University of the Witwatersrand, 2014), http://jwtc.org.za/the_salon/test/dariel_cobb.htm.


Mapping urban perception : how do we know where we are?

How do we remember urban space? How can we measure what is remembered? This thesis presents a new approach to study urban spatial perception in an efficient, automated, and scalable way. It explores the use of novel tools developed for online surveys and data visualization. Previous studies in human spatial perception have used methods such as face-to-face interviews, questionnaires, recognition tasks and surveys that ask subjects to draw sketch maps.

Architecture Design Option Studio (Bucci)

Offers a broad range of advanced-level investigations in architectural design in various contexts, including international sites. Integrates theoretical and technological discourses into specific topics. Studio problems may include urbanism and city scale strategies, habitation and urban housing systems, architecture in landscapes, material investigations and new production technologies, programmatic and spatial complex building typologies, and research centered studies.

More detailed description coming in late January.


The CityHome is an ultra-efficient, responsive urban home, providing a hardware and software ecosystem for personal space customization.
A micro-unit apartment developed by Kent Larson's Changing Places Research Group.

Public Space: Lost and Found

ACT and the MIT Center for Art, Science and Technology presented this two-day symposium and accompanying exhibition, coordinated by Gediminas Urbonas, to celebrate the living legacy of artist and educator Antoni Muntadas and collectively redefine ideas of public space and its multiple functions. Muntadas came to MIT in 1977 to join the Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS) as a research fellow. In this experimental setting, he explored topics such as the media landscape and the dichotomies between subjectivity and objectivity and private and public.

Cinematic Migrations

Cinematic Migrations Symposium

The culmination of the initial two-year phase of a collaborative research and production project spearheaded by Renée Green (Free Agent Media), supported by ACT, the MIT Center for Art Science and Technology, and the MIT Visiting Artists Program. The work of filmmaker John Akomfrah and producer Lina Gopaul was a focal point.

Enrique Ramirez reviews Jorge Otero-Pailos' 'Space-Time 1964/2014' Exhibit at Keller Gallery

"To experiment is to create: the organization and production of verifiable data relies as much on the spatial allocation of artifacts as it establishes temporal parameters for their testing. Instruments are calibrated, tolerances calculated, clocks set. Yet as historians and theorists concerned with “visual cultures of science” (and other similarly named fields of expertise) have demonstrated, the domains between scientific and artistic practice are not isolated entirely. Interactions between the two ensue, indelibly woven into each other.

Resonating MIT

A semester-long interdisciplinary collaboration between ACT, the Music Department, and the MIT Center for Art, Culture, and Technology, headed by Gediminas Urbonas, that deployed sonic interventions to amplify unexplored spatial atmospheres on MIT’s historic campus. A series of performances, installations, and a mobile-ready website provided gateways to critical spatial inquiries using sound from the past, present, and the speculative future of the Institute.

Digital Rustication

As part of ongoing research in the translation of ancient methods of making into contemporary processes, this project showcases the fabrication of a freestanding wall through the use of a multi-axis robotic arm fitted with a hot-knife in service of cutting expanded polystyrene foam into mass-customized and stackable blocks.