Anne Deveau

Anne Deveau joined the HTC group, the Department of Architecture, and MIT in early 2002. With a background in marketing, fund raising and customer service, her work as an administrative assistant has focused on program development as well as operations. Her service at MIT includes Institute Committees: the Working Group for Support Staff Issues—she was co-convener for two years, 2005-2007, and co-chair of the Peer Resources subcommittee for six years, 2004-2010—the Council for Work and Family Life, the Information Group, and the Women’s Advisory Group. Deveau received a Master of Liberal Arts in Management, focusing on non-profit organizational planning, from Harvard University's Extension School, and Bachelor of Arts from Skidmore College in Mathematics and Art. Prior to joining MIT, Deveau worked for non-profits in health care and human service and higher education and for a fund raising consulting firm and book publishers.