Ardalan SadeghiKivi

Ardalan SadeghiKivi (b. 1995, Tehran, Iran) is an artist, writer, and programmer, who graduated from the University of Tehran in 2018 with a degree in Architectural Engineering and is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts, where he operates at The Trope Tank, a Comparative Media Studies research group at MIT, and acts as the co-editor of Before|After, the 50th volume of MIT Press peer-reviewed journal Thresholds. SadeghiKivi's work engages different praxis, from Post-structuralism to Cosmism and Information Aesthetics, situated at the juncture of computational media and infrastructure, occultism, philosophy of science, and semiotics. He is working on a new series called Automaphagy, where he aims to map cannibalism to the world of computer programs and embellishes how anthropophagy can be redefined in computation, formulating tribes of devouring agents, and deliberately incorporating diffused methods and pieces to reshape external influences in recognizing multiplicity and diversity.

Areas of Interest
Art and Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Computation, Fine Arts, Historiography, History of Gardens, Infrastructure Systems, Landscape, Machine Learning, Medieval Architecture, Modern Architecture, Orientalism, Public Art, Rococo Architecture, Shape Grammars, Structures, Theory of Architecture, Theory of Art, Trauma and Memory, Urban Information, Technology, and Media and Analytics, Visualization


2019 - 2023
Master of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2013 - 2018
Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering, University of Tehran

Academic Experience

2021 - Present
Researcher, The Trope Tank / MIT / Department of Comparative Media Studies
2021 - Present
Editor, Thresholds / MIT / Department of Architecture and Urban Studies
2020 - Present
Teaching Assistant, MIT / Department of Art, Culture and Technology
2020 - 2021
Teaching Assistant, MIT / Department of Design and Computation