Benjamin Tasistro-Hart

Benjamin was born in Mexico City and grew up just outside the University of Georgia. He received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he worked under Dr. Russell Gentry to develop frameworks to generate the external geometry of wind-turbine blades to explore reuse opportunities for this material. Besides exploring the application of technology in architecture, Benjamin is interested in questions of history and chose to come to MIT to explore how architecture can mediate between the two. Outside of architecture, he enjoys cooking, biking, and road-tripping.

Areas of Interest
Art and Technology, Building Energy, Building Materials, Building Ventilation, CAD/CAM, Climate Change, Computation, Digital Fabrication, Environmental Planning, Graphic Representation, Historic Preservation, Landscape Architecture and Natural Systems, Theory of Architecture, Visualization


2015 - 2019
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology

Academic Experience

2018 - 2020
Research Assistant , School of Architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology


2019 - 2019
Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher, Georgia Institute of Technology
2017 - 2017
Sustainable Undergraduate Research Fellow, Georgia Institute of Techonology