Calvin Zhong

Calvin is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York City operating between architectural and digital design. He has built research and office spaces, produced digital experiences, and contributed to video and architectural exhibitions.

He received his B.S. in Comparative Media Studies and Architectural Design from MIT in 2018 and has recently returned for his MArch. Previous UROPs/TAships include:

+ Future Heritage Lab (Prof. Azra Aksamija)
+ MIT Design Lab (Prof. Federico Casalegno)
+ Digital Design Fabrication Lab (Prof. Larry Sass)
+ MAS.863: How to Make Almost Anything
+ 3.A03: Metalsmithing Throughout Time

Areas of Interest
Digital Fabrication, Prototyping, Social Equity, Urban Design


2014 - 2018
B.S. Architecture, MIT
2014 - 2018
B.S. Comparative Media Studies, MIT
2020 - Present
M.Arch, MIT

Professional Experience