Moa Karolina Carlsson

Moa K. Carlsson (MIT SMArchS-13) is a PhD student in Design and Computation at the MIT Department of Architecture. Her current research hypotheses revolve around landscape representation and computation, focusing on a critical history of data-centric representations of the natural.  

Moa's background comprises eight years of work and teaching experience in the US, UK, Sweden, and Austria, since completing her M.Arch. degree at Lund Technical University, Faculty of Engineering, Sweden, and the Vienna Technical University, Austria. As a MIT Presidential Fellow and Sweden-America Foundation Fellow, Moa received a Merit Based Scholarship from MIT in 2012, and the Marvin E. Goody Award for her SMArchS dissertation on the topic of Ian McHarg's 'Ecological Method', in 2013. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).