Nathaniel Jones

Nathaniel Jones researches sustainable architectural design at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he is a doctoral student in the Building Technology Program and a member of the Sustainable Design Lab. His research examines the role of building performance simulation tools in the design process and the potential for improving design feedback by creating faster tools. His work with Radiance, a widely-used global illumination simulation software package for architectural design, is aimed at improving its speed using graphics hardware.

Nathaniel holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Johns Hopkins (2005) and a master’s degree in architecture from Cornell (2009). He earned his master’s degree under Kevin Pratt using energy simulation coupled with genetic algorithms to optimize building massing and materials. His work includes algorithms for automated translation of architectural CAD models for energy simulation and development of methods to more accurately simulate radiant heat exchange in buildings.

Areas of Interest
Building Energy, Daylighting, Sustainability, Visualization