Ous Abou Ras

Ous is a second year M.Arch student interested in how Architectural ideas and thought gets translated with various computational tools, algorithms and math. Prior to MIT, he graduated with Honors from the University of Toronto where he majored in Architectural Design and Physics.

Areas of Interest
Alternative Energy, Art and Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Building Materials, Climate Change, Computation, Digital Fabrication, Economic Development, Education, Housing, Infrastructure Systems, Landscape, Machine Learning, Public Participation, Real Estate, Resource Management, Shape Grammars, Structures, Sustainability


2015 - 2019
Architecture and Physics, University of Toronto
Present - 2023
M.Arch, MIT

Academic Experience

2020 - 2020
Research Assistant with Marcelo Coelho, MIT
2019 - 2019
Teaching Assistant, University of Toronto
2017 - 2019
Research Assistant (Computation and Digital Fabrication with Acoustics), University of Toronto
2021 - 2021
Teaching Assistant (Axel Kilian - Creative Computation), MIT

Professional Experience

Junior Designer, Liwan LLC
2019 - 2019
Workshop & Facilities, University of Toronto


2019 - 2019
Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award, University of Toronto
2017 - 2017
URBPRK Competition Winner, Cafe Mosaics
2018 - 2018
TEDx UofT Competition, University of Toronto
2018 - 2018
Co-Author of Spatial Sonic Network with Brady Peters, Mitchell Akiyama and Sean Lamb, eCAADe