Paloma Gonzalez Rojas

Chilean, Architect, Design and Computation Researcher, Scholar, Builder, Maker, currently, Paloma is a MIT PhD candidate at the Design and Computation group. Her ongoing research seeks to unveil the effect that space has on people’s motion enabled by technology. By developing empirical research the study seeks to quantify this effect and use it to inform the design process. This research started with her SMArchS at MIT and continued on her PhD research, “Space and Motion:Data based rules of public space pedestrian motions"

Her professional experience consisted mainly in designing sports and governmental buildings. She worked in the remodelling of the Monumental Stadium of Chile, dealing with crowds and massivity, and was developed as her Masters Thesis at the Universidad Católica of Chile. Her research interests go from the development of digital design tools, the use in sensors for the analysis and design of architecture, data simulation and visualization, virtual worlds and biological, public and political space, material experimentation and energy optimizations.


2013 - 2015


          Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, E.E.U.U.)

          Degree: Master of Science in Architecture in Architecture Studies           

 2008 - 2010


          Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Santiago, Chile)

          Degrees: Master in Architecture, two votes of Distinction

          Professional Architect Title, two votes of Distinction

 2002 - 2007


          Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Santiago, Chile)

          Degree: Bachelor in Architecture (2007)

 1997- 2000


          Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Santiago, Chile)

          Degree: Diploma in Arts Candidate (2000)

 1987 - 2000


          Lo Castillo English School (Santiago, Chile)


Teacher Assistant “Architectural Computations” MIT Interactive Workshop, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor Dennis Shelden (2015/Fall.)

Teacher Assistant “Intro to Video” MIT Video Studio, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor Claudia Joscowicz (2015/Fall.)

Teacher Assistant, “Urban Design” MIT studio design, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor Lorena Bello and Jota Samper (2015/Spring)

Teacher Assistant, “Visual Computing” MIT course, Design, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor Terry Knight (2014/Spring)

Teaching, “Design by Making” MIT course, Engineering, Catholic University, Professor Daniel Rosenberg (2013/IAP). Exploration with Arduinos for design.

Teaching Assistant, “Animated Form” course, Architecture, Catholic University, Professor Arturo Lyon and Rodrigo Culawoski (2010/1st , 2010/2nd , 2011/1st, 2011/2nd)

Teaching Assistant, “Emergent Urbanism” course, Master in Architecture and Master in Urbanism, Catholic University, Professor Arturo Lyon and Alejandra Bosch (2010/2nd)

Teaching, “Science plus Art: Prototyping Experimental Design” course, Architecture Catholic University, Professor Arturo Torres (2008/2nd).



 Publication: author of ecAAde Conference Paper, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy. Tittle: “Metrics of Human Motion” (2015)

 Publication: “Housing Assessment Manual”, done after the Earthquake with the Professor Orlando Vigouroux sponsored by Pontifical Catholic University, Diego Portales University, and Major University (2010)

Publication, book review: in “110 Magazine”, text called: “Give time”; Derrida, Jacques (1988)  “Dar el tiempo”, Paris, France. (2005)

Publication: in “Habitare” Magazine 421, Roma, Italia, of the “Emergence Basic Housing”, Author of number °5 project (2002)


Exhibit:  author of “WalkAcross” Installation, MIT Museum, Interactive Installation with Kinect Sensor (2014-2016)

Parametric Design and Construction, of the acoustic device “Dispositivo Acústico FADEU-KNAUF”, in the “Arts plus Science: Prototyping Experimental Design” course, with the students and Professor Arturo Torres, located in the Lo Contador Campus of the Pontifical Catholic University.  I worked as Design and Construction Manager (as one of the teachers), and also programming partial of the devise shape scripting (2008)

 Exhibit: in “PUC Best Projects Expo”, of my final project in “Formation II” workshop (architecture school, second year), taught by the professors: Wren Strabucchi, Sandra Iturriaga, Pedro Alonso and Marcelo Sarovic (2002)

Exhibit: in the “Contemporary Art Museum MAC”, Santiago, Chile, of the “Emergence Basic Housing”, Author of number °5 project (2001)

Award: Chile Scholarship for Doctor of Philosophy Abroad Program for 2015-2019 (2015.)

Award: Chile Scholarship for Master of Science Program Abroad for 2013-2015 (2013.)

Award: MIT Half Fellowship for  Master of Science Program for 2013-2015 (2013.)

Award: Honourable Mention in the “Raimundo Infante architectural drawing competition”, Architecture, Pontifical Catholic University (2003)

Award: First Prize Award of the “Raimundo Infante drawing competition”, Architecture, Pontifical Catholic University (2002)


Urban Research Project, Research Assistance.

MIT CAU, Center for Advanced Urbanism

Line of Inquiry: URBAN HEALTH (2014)

Supervisor: Celina Balderas-Guzman

Phd Architectural Thesis, Research Assistance.

Line of Inquiry: History and Criticism (2008)

Supervisor: Rodrigo Pérez de Arce (author of the thesis)

Research Topic: Sports in Modern Architecture Housing Projects and Buildings.

Author of Master Thesis and Architecture Studies Final Project “SHOWBIGNESS”:

The large scale event as an argument for the projective transformation of Colo Colo Monumental Stadium and its context”

(2010)Academic Advisor: Rodrigo Perez de Arce Antoncic.