Sahil Mohan

Please refer to my pdf portfolio for selected work, my Instagram for graphic and photographic work (and current charrette work), and my website for more and in-depth projects. 

My interest in the human body is the heart of architecture theory for me. Historically the human body was the origin of measurement; even the meter which was supposed to be devoid of a relation to the human body was anthropomorphized by Le Corbusier with Le Modulor. Because measurement is fundamental to architecture, I came to understand the human body as the center of the praxis of architecture and therefore the key to how I understand space. Furthermore, the way one constructs the tool of measurement affects the development of space and the minutia of how space is experienced. I have been interested in creating new tools that measure the human body beyond scale- life and death, eroticism, displacement of light across body, etc., and how these tools have the implication to profoundly affect architecture and question Modernist norms. Example of these tools include: displacement of light from the human body on 35mm film, using MRI scans of the human body to create architectural form, and mapping the human body into developable surfaces for garment construction.


2020 - Present
Masters of Architecture, MIT
2015 - 2019
B.A. Architecture, University of California Berkeley

Professional Experience

2019 - 2020
Lead Special Projects Designer, United Nude
2018 - 2019
Research Assistant, BIOMES Lab, University of California Berkeley
2018 - 2018
Architecture Intern, Terreform ONE
2017 - 2017
Graphic Design Intern , Print All Over Me
2016 - 2017
Design Research Assistant, Dr. Kimiko Ryoikai, Dr. Noura Howell, University of California Berkeley, School of Information
2014 - 2013
Developmental Biology Lab Assistant, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


2019 -
Circus Award, University of California Berkeley
2019 -
Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal, University of California Berkeley
2016 -
CITRIS Invention Lab Fellowship, University of California Berkeley
2014 -
Top 100 New Creatives, CMYK Magazine
2015 -
Design Gold Medalist, Columbia Scholastic Press Association